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Ty Slater Roofing Ltd

Here are some testimonials from previous clients: Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Debbie and Paul From Banstead:
We was very happy with Tyrones work, he was very professional quick and did a great job!

Julie Hawton From Ewell:
Tyrone provided me with a new flat roof on my extension, I had been experiencing endless problems on my existing flat roof, Tyrone gave me a very honest oppinion on how it needed to be repaired and what would be best for me long term, Having talked about my options we decided to start from scratch and replace the old unrepairable flat roof with a brand new one with a ten year guarantee! The price was very reasonable and i was really happy with the work, Most importantly I have had no problems with it ever since, I was also very pleased that Tyrone had respect for my property leaving it clean and tidy. I would recommend Tyrone to anyone!